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Welcome to the official Copernic Space Simulator website

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Why should you choose Copernic Space Simulator?

If you have ever wanted to discover what lies out there in the deep parts of space, or just around our planet in the Solar System, Copernic Space Simulator can offer you this possibility. Besides all that with this 3d space simulator you can have many options when you choose what you see, and Copernic even gives you a way to view the skies as if you saw them from planet Earth.

Ever wondered what the space and the planetary configuration looked in the past, or would look in the future? With Copernic Space Simulator you can find this out.

Don't hesitate and use this brilliant piece of software! It is still in development but it can already offer you many functionalities!
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Software presented at the Romanian Academy Days
Timisoara May 25th 2005

"Written under the OpenGL environment and using C/C++, Copernic is a beautiful amateur Romanian astronomer achievement". Ovidiu Vaduvescu Romanian astronomer.