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Portalul de astronomie al lui Marc Frîncu
Marc Frîncu's Astronomy Portal
Le portail d'astronomie de Marc Frîncu

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Stiri si evenimente Actualites et annonces en astronomie
Astronomy news
April 12th 2009
The Antares Astroclub together with ROSA (ROmanian Space Agency) will organize Yuri's Night inside the Carturesti library in Iulius Mall Timisoara. The event will be followed by astronomical observations from the Mall's parking place or roof.

April 8-10 2009
With the ocassion of the Open Days event the West University of Timisoara will organize multiple Planetarium presentations Universitarea de Vest Timisoara. For details and reservations visit the planetarium site.

3-4 aprilie 2009
The Astronomical Observatory of Timisoara together with the West University of Timisoara and the Antares respectively Altair Astroclubs invite you to participate to the 100 Hours of Astronomy event. The main part of the event will be held at the Observatory starting with 19:00 on Friday and Saturday when several talks, open discussions and stellar observations are planned.

March 28th 2009
The Astronomical Observatory of Timisoara together with the West University of Timisoara and the Antares respectively Altair Astroclubs have organized in Timisoara the biggest astronomical event in several years. It was held in conjuction with Earh Hour and Sidewalk Astronomy. The place was chosen to be the Unirii Square one of the most beautiful and visited places in town. During the 20:30-21:30 interbal several hundreds of participants gathered around to get a glimpse at the sky through the telescopes. The event was facilitated by the turning off of the public city lights. In total 5 telescopes and 2 binoculars were used. For images follow this link.

March 16th-17th 2009
The Astronomical Observatory in Timisoara (belonging to the Romanian Academy) organizes the first joint astronomy workshop entitled "First Joint Astronomy Workshop Timisoara-Baja" with the participation of representatives from both Timisoara (Hungary) and Baja (Hungary). Amongst the particpants we can note people from the Bacs-Kiskun County Astronomical Observatory Hungary, the West University of Timisoara and the Altair and Antares Astroclubs in Timisoara. Source: The Site of the Planetarium in Timisoara and Mr. Andrei Juravle reprezentative of the Antares Astroclub.

February 28th 2009
The Astronomical Observatory (part of the Romanian Academy) together with The West University of Timisoara and the Altair and Antares Astroclubs are delighted to invite you to the official opening of the International Year of Astronomy in the Banat region of Romania. For details please follow this link (RO).

July 27th 2008 - August 3rd 2008
Astronomy class offered by BEST - Board of European Students of Technology offers in the period between July 26th and August 3rd 2008 an astronomy class for students in various European Tehnical Universities. The class will be held in English and will consist of several sections such as: theory, practice, workshops. Location: The Technical University of Timisoara Blvd. Vasile Parvan No.2. The courses will be given by people from The Technical University of Timisoara, The West University of Timisoara and The Astronomical Observatory of Timisoara. You can download the presentation held by Marc Frincu from here.

February 29st 2008 18:00 PM
 Astronomical events at the Timisoara Astronomical Observatory:
  • Saturn Observation Campaign - a worldwide event initiated by JPL-NASA
  • Globe at Night
  • About Calendars - With the ocasion of February 29th
  • Starparty - if the weather will allow us

February 21st 2008
 Live streaming of the Lunar Total Eclipse between 04:30 - 05:15 AM (+2)

March 1st 2008
 The official release of the new Regulus.ro astronomy portal

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